Photo of Emilia Levisay

Emilia is the Client Value and Innovation Manager. She has finance and technology experience which our clients and attorneys see as tremendously valuable in her role.  She is focused on understanding the business needs of firm clients and developing practical and innovative pricing and legal project management strategies and solutions designed to meet those needs.

Clients look to their legal counsel for guidance and advice. The best attorneys track developments, identify patterns, and start conversations with clients before their clients know they need advice. This is the foundation for a long-lasting partnership.

With this goal in mind, we developed the Stimulus Enforcement Tracker in partnership with Terry Grugan, a

Outside counsel guidelines (OCGs) are a way for clients to set expectations regarding processes, procedures, and handling of matters. Common guidelines relate to rates and expenses (discounts, alternative fee arrangements, travel, and other cost-related exclusions); matter management (budget requirements, early case assessment, and settlement recommendations); and staffing (limits on utilizing first-year associates and more than